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Professional Fees

It is our endeavour to work with you to make your project as cost effective as possible, and so will provide a competitive  fee for all professional services .

Martin Peacock Architectural Services Limited operates a chargable rate of £125 per hour, based on an 8 hour working day.

Dispersments will be charged with no additional cost.

Milage will be charged at a nominal cost of 45 p per mile.

The work undertaken may involve other areas of expertise and will be charged out with no additional cost.


Typically:              Structural Engineers Calculations

                            SAPS ( Energy Ratings ) Calculations


Local Authority Statutory Fees are NOT included in our professional fees, and will be charged directly to the client to be payed by them to the relevant Local Authority.


Typically :               Planning Application Fee

                              Building Regulations Application Fee                                                                                        Building Regulations Inspection Fee

                              Environment Agency Fees

The information contained on this web-site is intended as a guide to the services provided by Martin Peacock Architectural Services Limited. Additional information concerning other professional services provided, should not be taken to be a definitive guide to their individual professions; nor should it be taken as a fully comprehensive or authoritative statement of this process.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is correct and up to date, it is not possible to cover every aspect of the building process. Neither is it possible to provide sufficiently specific interpretation within the website in respect of every aspect of individual proposals such that it could be applied without reference to other sources of legal advice in relation to individual cases.


Whilst we have used all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of material contained in this web-site, the authors and publishers of this web-site cannot accept liability or responsibility for any actions by any authority, or other body, whether public, private of corporate, arising out of the use of the information in this web-site. on request.


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